As a local kitchen designer based in Solihull, I’m on hand to discuss your project so do get in touch.

Frequent Questions

Your Questions Answered

How does your design process work?

Our Kitchen Design Service breaks down into 6 Simple Steps:

Getting to know you

Tell us about your project – taking advantage of our free kitchen design consultation either by phone, online or over a coffee.

Initial design proposal

Design thoughts and guide pricing.

Get down to the detail

Working ideas, solutions to scale, then once agreed, developed in detail.

Plans, visuals, mood-boards and materials

Our designers create detailed plans and elevations with colour visuals, lighting plans and mood boards.

Site survey

A full technical site check before your final sign off.

Client Relationship Team

A team approach to making sure that everything happens when it should, and that communications with you are regular and thorough.

What's an Initial Design Call/Consultation?

Our free kitchen design consultation is the start of the journey 

All we need to get going is some information from you – online communication at this stage works well. In the current climate, we conduct an initial consultation by Skype, Zoom, Facetime or phone call. The more information you can give us, the easier it is to present you with your ideal kitchen design and quote. So please have the following ready:

    • A simple floorplan with dimensions. including ceiling height is needed This doesn’t need to be a work of art, just something we can understand.
    • Photographs are very helpful.
    • Any architect’s or sales plans plus any sketches you may have.
    • We need to know if any walls are coming down or new doors will be going in.
    • What type of appliances do you want to include? [Makes/models are not important at this stage.]
    • We love it when people have picture albums or links to Pinterest boards, it’s great for
      conversation and quickly helps us all get on the same page.
    • Finally, we need to know your budget and timeline.

All of the above information helps us build a picture of what we can achieve together. Once we have spent time discussing your requirements we will come back to you with some design ideas and a ball-park estimate.

Why 'Authentic Italian Kitchens'

It takes so much more than engineering to make a home

“Thus far, I have only worked with Italian kitchen manufacturers. As with fashion, cars and architecture, the Italians have an indisputable eye for style and design. They just make something which is otherwise fairly ordinary look, feel and perform in an extraordinary way.

“For this reason, it’s no accident that so many products and designs carry Italianesque labels or descriptions… trading on this global reputation.

“When I started Studio Hamilton, I wanted to be clear and transparent that we are presenting you with genuine Italian design flare and products, supported by a local British business focussed on you.” [Guy/Owner]

Which areas do you serve

We’re able and willing to design and supply fitted kitchens across the central England region

  • Solihull & South Birmingham: including Knowle and Dorridge, Edgbaston and Harborne
  • Warwickshire: including Warwick, Leamington Spa, Kenilworth, Coventry and Rugby
  • South Staffordshire: including Lichfield, Sutton Coldfield and Tamworth
  • Worcestershire: including Kidderminster, Bromsgrove, Worcester and Malvern
You don't have a kitchen showroom?

That’s right!.. and we’re proud to work this way.

Comfortable that Studio Hamilton is a little different from most kitchen companies as there isn’t an actual shop front, you’ll recognise that we operate like architects or interior designers. I am focused on creating the kitchen showroom in your home.

Tactile swatches, mood boards, product boards, high resolution 3D visualisations and detailed architectural elevations all combine with my personal attention and the weight of the Italian kitchen manufacturers, German mechanisms suppliers and British worktop fabricators who work with and support me… so you see that it really is a substantial team.


“Some years ago, I stumbled on the following quotation which impressed me greatly. I can’t express it any better so hope you’ll let me share it with you.” Guy/Owner


If you want to pay for an expensive showroom and a fleet of branded vehicles, don’t use us. We don’t have those things, so we can keep our costs lower….

….the people who are pitching to you now are the people that will work on your account. The big agencies that are pitching to you, you’re never going to see those people again. Whereas, if you work with me, the owner of the company, I will personally handle your account, not a junior staff member, which is what you’d have otherwise.”

We can make promises on quality that stretched far beyond the capabilities of the core team. Because we don’t try to do everything in house, we can get the very best people in, and if we can’t do it, we’ll partner with someone who can.”

How can I plan/manage a budget for my new kitchen?

We can certainly help you set and stick to a realistic budget

The important thing is to check that it is realistic… realistic to your financial planning, realistic to the quality you’re looking for and realistic to the structural kitchen extension work which may be intended. A quality fitted kitchen is a major installation in your home. We all like to keep a close watch on the pennies and ensure that we’re investing wisely; rest assured that we’re here to help and view that as part of our job.


We can advise with choice of finishes, worktops, appliances and lighting to help you achieve the best finished experience for you, your family and home. Sometimes, if budgets are tight we may need to look at prudent compromises together but what we can promise is that we’ll always be maximising the quality and finished design of your new space. A realistic kitchen budget should always be a positive thing as we work closely together on your project.


Firstly, we’d suggest separating the kitchen budget from the construction budget; they’re different.

Secondly, we’d recommend sharing an initial idea of your kitchen budget when you first contact us. This can help save a lot of time for us both and we can advise you how best to make that meet your objectives. We’ll be able to give you a ball-park estimate quite early-on in the kitchen design process. Where possible, we’d love to deliver your ideal kitchen which will change the way you live and feel at home and leave you with a budget surplus!.. that will be our objective.

Thirdly, finally and perhaps most importantly, remember that, where possible, we’re here to deliver your ideal kitchen… one  which will change the way you live and feel at home as well as leave you with a budget surplus… that will be our objective.


“I’d really appreciate your initial design input and perhaps an early estimate.”


“It’s still early days but I like what I see! Keeping in touch by occasional newsletter would be good.”


“My plans and ideas are quite advanced and I’m seriously interested in your kitchen designs.”