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It's all about You!


Who do we mean when we say ‘You’?
Well…. ‘You’ understand the beauty and desirability of Italian design. ‘You’ know what ‘Made in Italy’ is all about and you trust that Studio Hamilton is bringing you some of the best fitted kitchens Italy has to offer.

You’ll also appreciate how we work; a small, attentive team with hard won experience and the integrity you’d like to do business with. You’ll discover that we are design-lead but value-driven.

You’ll be reassured to know that we don’t [and won’t!] waste your time with yo-yo pricing policies – the price is always fair, offering you the value you’re looking for yet protecting the level of service you deserve.

Comfortable that we are a little different from most kitchen companies, you’ll recognise that we operate like interior designers or architects. You’ll be a welcome guest at our design studio in Henley in Arden where you can inspect some sample installations, relax and discuss your project and ideas – we are focused on creating the kitchen showroom in your home!


What do we mean by ‘Authentic’?
Inspired by the globally admired ‘Made in Italy’ brand, denoting the very best in design and quality, Studio Hamilton sets out to bring real, authentic Italian kitchen design to our customers, hand-in-hand with great British service and support.

This is not an exercise in giving a product, design or colour an Italian name in order to attract and seduce; no need. You are looking at real, genuine products, designed and manufactured in Italy; authentic Italian kitchens which have been planned, installed and supported by a great British team!

We are a highly experienced, family run, design lead team who are here to offer you the very finest service – from initial consultation through to kitchen installation and after-sales care.


What do we mean when we say ‘We’?
“Well, ‘We’ could easily mean ‘me’ as I am the designer. On the other hand, ‘We’ means exactly that!.. Almost every business comprises a blend of in-house and external, subcontracted staff, trades and suppliers. The focus of Studio Hamilton is entirely on you and the successful realisation of your fitted kitchen project. As a result, I run a small, close-knit ‘team’, but you will receive my personal attention during the course of your kitchen design and installation.
“The brands I work with are big, very big, so that Studio Hamilton can afford to be small. These brands endorse and support Studio Hamilton in achieving what I would like most of all – to help you realise a kitchen design project you’ll love and be proud of for years to come. I believe this best serves your interests.
“As the business owner [and with over 20 years experience in property, furniture and fitted kitchens], I am as focussed on  individual clients’ projects as I am experienced in working to compliment property developers and house-builders.
“I’ve hand picked our amazing Italian kitchens & fitted furniture and am genuinely excited to share these with you. I look forward to meeting and working with you on your project.”


“I’d really appreciate your initial design input and perhaps an early estimate.”


“It’s still early days but I like what I see! Keeping in touch by occasional newsletter would be good.”


“My plans and ideas are quite advanced and I’m seriously interested in your kitchen designs.”