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Kitchen Design


When you buy a kitchen from Studio Hamilton, you are acquiring a way of life; the heart of your home infused with authentic Italian design and the quality assurance of the ‘Made in Italy’ brand.

We want to design and deliver kitchens which offer you, our customers, so much more than just a set of components. We wanted to bring you a complete concept, authentic in its origins and which would leave you with a legacy, a lifestyle. Our Italian kitchen brands give you both flare and function in equal measure. We’ll be designing you a way of life which delivers more than smooth hinges and clean lines; a complete atmosphere into a room, which will transform how you feel about your home each and every day.



A carefully prepared design brief is at the heart of what we do and we’ll approach your project with enthusiasm. We’ll listen as well as advise and help you determine which brand best meets your needs. Draft projects and estimates will help you develop your ideas.


Once you appoint us to design your kitchen or fitted furniture, working together, we’ll refine your project to perfection. Your vision for your home, crafted by us, will always be at the heart of the project. You’re assured exclusive kitchens and forward thinking design.


From the moment you approve the final kitchen design project, typically it can take around 6 weeks to deliver. During this time our Project Manager takes over and will coordinate with you, your other tradesmen or architect to ensure a smooth preparation for installation.


Studio Hamilton will handle the project management of your kitchen installation through to completion. All fitters are iKBBI approved and answerable to you directly. In this way we can ensure the highest possible standards of furniture installation are achieved.