Now you see it, now you don’t! Slide-and-Hide Retractable Pocket Kitchen Doors.

A New Concealed Pocket Kitchen Door System from Salice.

The Salice slide-and-hide retractable pocket doors system ‘Exedra’ offers you smooth movement both when opening and closing your kitchen cabinets.

EXEDRA Sliding fold away kitchen doors by Salice | Practical & Stylish


Hiding a kitchen behind sliding doors is a feature of luxury kitchen design here in the Leamington, Stratford and Solihull region. Also known as slide-and-hide retractable pocket doors, this specialist mechanism is increasingly popular in contemporary Italian kitchen design.

Open Plan Kitchens

Open plan kitchens, kitchen-diners and apartment living (where kitchens have increasingly merged with our lounge and entertainment areas) are nothing new. Nor, however, are the drawbacks presented by having the all-to-often utilitarian kitchen in your ‘me zone’!

Firstly, if not carefully planned, open plan living can present what amounts to an assault on our senses. It’s not just air extraction/filtration of food and cooking odours, either. More and more we have discerning clients looking to conceal laundry facilities, zone off cooking, washing and food preparation zones or integrate a stylish drinks bar.

Equally, wouldn’t it be great to be able to close the door on the cooking chaos when your guests arrive? Or transform your home into a beautiful reception room?


EXEDRA by Salice retractable kitchen door kitchen pocket doors closed


Slide-and-Hide Retractable Pocket Doors

Salice is Italy’s premium developer and manufacturer of mechanisms, hinges and other systems for the home, interiors and kitchen sectors. They are already pioneers of the retractable concealed door systems already seen in many quality kitchen designs. However, they have recently changed the game once more and produced the ‘Rolls Royce’ of kitchen door systems – ‘Exedra’.

Exedra is a retractable slide-and-hide kitchen door system, characterized by an assisted and cushioned movement both in opening and closing.

The aesthetic element of elegance, the practical element of usability and the operational element of space optimisation are encapsulated in a single system.


EXEDRA by Salice retractable kitchen column doors kitchen pocket doors


As part of the evolution of the system, Exedra has developed and perfected the concept of deceleration.  This allows for optimal fluid, perfectly balanced movement without any noise, regardless of the force given to the door during the re-entry phase.


EXEDRA by Salice retractable kitchen column doors kitchen pocket doors open 1


Not only this. Achieving sophisticated efficiency, the system also uses the Smove decelerator which, fixed on the profile, allows a perfect deceleration of the door even whilst closing.

You can use Exedra in countless applications, such as kitchens, furniture with bar shelves or desks and utility rooms that can be used as laundries.


Luxury Kitchen Design in Leamington, Stratford and Solihull

At Studio Hamilton, we work with Salice Exedra pocket / retractable door systems [amongst other superb systems and mechanisms] to create stylish as well as practical kitchen designs.

If you are looking for  luxury kitchen design in Leamington, Stratford and Solihull, we would be delighted to discuss your ideas with you – whatever stage you are at and with no obligation.