Meet & Discuss

The key to a good kitchen design is the collaborative process between designer and client. This starts with the Client Brief which is where you share with us (whether in person, by phone or online) what you’ve got, what you’d like and how you’d like it to be… which is where we come in.

Concept to Design

Turning a brief into a project is where the real kitchen design work begins. Planning space, mechanisms, materials and aesthetics all to meet your budget and ambition. Armed with the design brief, the site survey and your budget, we will design your kitchen tailored specifically to you.

Manufacture & Install

Whether we are responsible for your kitchen design or are working on your full project management, Studio Hamilton will work hard to ensure that everything runs as smoothly as we can, right through to a successful handover. We want to exceed your expectations whenever we can.

Handover & After Care

Checking the final finish of each component product in your kitchen is a crucial part of what we do – it’s one of the last stages of our quality control and we need to check each hinge, finish, polish, edge and installation detail. Once complete, we hand the finished kitchen over to you.