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The living space has always been strictly connected to our life. We spend most of our days in it, prepare and eat food, socialize, sleep and raise our children. In a few words, it is the most important “area” in our world.
That is why choosing furnishings becomes an important decision, that should not be casual or motivated by only aesthetics criteria or competitive prices. Furniture, lasting over a long period of time, must have several peculiarities and qualities, sometimes hid-den, that raise its value, functionality and durability.
Schiffini pays great attention to these issues, with constant research and continuous investments in order to offer its consumers the “Absolute Quality”.
First of all, one must render great importance to the knowledge of the manufacturing company, its history and “mission”, how it takes care of the ecological and quality aspects, what is its manufacturing process and what certifications it has obtained for its products.
The materials used by Schiffini are the best available on the market and are subject to a constant research and up-dating. The components used are selected and the technical and structural projects, that are characterized by functional and original solutions, are in the forefront.
Designing by “systems” is characteristic to Schiffini’s activity. That means the de-sign of new concepts, and different and more functional solutions to solve specific and practical problems connected to the decoration of a kitchen. Once the “system” is defined, the aesthetics of the product is simple and natural: a synthesis of form and function.
All the kitchens are characterized by maximum modularity. Schiffini offers a wide range of modules and innumerable solutions capable to meet any requirements and tastes.
This allows the fitting together of the elements according to the ergonomic and dimensional requirements of every project.