Vertical Sliding Kitchen Doors System by Salice

More Kitchen Design Wizardry as Salice Defies Gravity!

A New Vertical Sliding Door System for Your Kitchen

‘Mover’ and ‘Mover Flat’ is an innovative and versatile vertical sliding door system developed by Salice, Italy’s leading manufacturer of hinges and mechanisms for kitchens and throughout the home. The new system[s] close wall units in a simple, functional and elegant way. It does away with visible hinge mechanisms of any kind; it is light and holds its position, and allows you to stop the door at any point of its journey. 

There’s no need for the sometimes unsightly ‘double shouldered’ hinges nor are there counterweights; instead, this kitchen mechanism favours a clean and elegant design. The system allows the absolute vertical opening of the door and finds application in many different environments, thanks to its ease and practicality of use. It is particularly appreciated in the kitchen, in the bathroom and is often used in the living room for bar furniture.

A new vertical sliding kitchen door mechanism from Salice – Made in Italy

‘Mover Flat’ offers the possibility of creating close-able compartments on kitchen cabinets, wall units as well as bookcases, office furniture and wherever you want to take advantage of a space that can be hidden behind a sliding panel. Suddenly, a kitchen back-splash becomes a secret compartment, concealing a wide array of tools, kitchen utensils and ingredients! 

This is a brilliantly compact solution whose opening and closing movements take place on vertical rails so it adapts perfectly to an installation where the classic hinged door would be impractical, even in particularly small kitchens. The fully adjustable mechanism can manage doors ranging from 480mm to 628mm height and a width up to 2400 mm.

'Mover Flat' Vertical Sliding Kitchen Door Mechanism
‘Mover Flat’: Works with Cabinet Doors and as a Backsplash
Down sliding blacksplash…
In this case, it reveals elegant storage with the PIN system

Your kitchen doors will be gliding on extremely silent guides, guaranteeing a fluid and intuitive movement throughout your kitchen and other areas of your home. 

Furthermore, ‘Mover Flat’ is a kitchen designer’s dream, a versatile system with minimum dimensions which are ideal for reduced depth kitchen units. So, maximising those tighter kitchen spaces and passageways, or when looking for ideas on how to design a small kitchen, Salice’s innovative ‘Mover’ system is proving to be heaven-sent here at Studio Hamilton!

SALICE ‘MOVER-FLAT’ – Down sliding Vertical Door Mechanism

At Studio Hamilton, our kitchen designs feature a variety of brilliant and innovative mechanisms from Salice, Blum and others to help create an amazingly comfortable and beautiful place to live, enhancing your daily life as well as ensuring your home is full of plenty of ‘wow factor’!

If you are looking for  luxury kitchen design in Solihull, Leamington Spa, Stratford upon Avon  and Birmingham, we would be delighted to discuss your ideas with you – whatever stage you are at and with no obligation.

Vertical Sliding Doors for the Kitchen, Study and Living Room

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